About us

Do you want to let your target group experience promotion personally what your brand or product means? Experience is believing! Your target group experiences your brand or product face to face and experiences a special moment that ensures conversion. May we create such a brand activation for your brand? J.u.i.c.e. Promotions is a full-service promotion bureau and activation agency, and our passion is to get people involved.

Experience promotion in bullets

That is why we offer you:

Cross media campaign approach & 360 degree approach
24/7 project teams & Quality Management
Free brainstorming for a unique concept
Full service cooperation
Live online brand monitors and brand reports
Breeding pond of trained brand ambassadors
More than 15 years of experience

Vision promotion bureau J.u.i.c.e. Promotions

Experience promotion, field marketing, activation or face to face communication, many different names are used for our services. What is more important is our added value as a promotion agency within your media mix. Promotion is stronger and fairer than any other medium. The target group can experience the product or the service itself and directly substantiate his / her opinion. Try to say no to someone personally!


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